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So far, I’ve lived half my life in the UK and half in the USA. Today, I live in central Oregon with my husband John.

Rainer Morgan - Age 5
Age 5



WALES:--  I grew up in the Caerphilly area. Until I was nine, I lived in a small mining community. Both my grandfathers were coal miners. One worked in the Senghennydd pit at the time of the great disaster in 1913. I studied Welsh at school and was active in Yr Urdd Gobaith Cymru ( the Welsh League of Youth) throughout my child hood. At one time or another, I’ve hiked every part of Wales. 
CAREER:--  I’ve had more jobs than is proper but mainly in the fields of teaching, journalism, and social work. I have a British BA Hons in Geography, and an American MA in Environment, Technology and Society.

WRITING:-- I’ve always loved to write. My first literary success was winning the writing competition at an Urdd camp eisteddfod in Llangrannog when I was about 10. I enjoyed newspaper work a lot and the training’s been useful for other things, such as tutoring and proofreading. But creating stories instead of reporting them is WAY better fun. I’ve never seriously tried to publish anything until now.

HOBBIES:-- I love gardening, playing piano and all movies except horror ones.


FAMILY:-- My family is far flung. The ‘Little Teggy’ stories are dedicated to my granddaughter Olivia, now 10, who lives in Tanzania.

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