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I enjoy reading aloud, especially stories written by Welsh people. My accent wraps itself naturally around words and phrases and the whole thing feels just right. People have told me a big part of their enjoyment listening to my stories comes from hearing my Welsh brogue. It helps, I think, that a Welsh voice tends to enunciate clearly so is more easily understood than many dialects.

I can also wear a Welsh costume for my readings, to add to the atmosphere.

My ‘Little Teggy’ stories are well received by a wide age range. Children enjoy hearing about the different culture and there’s usually lots of questions. They can learn a great deal about geography, language, history etc, once interest is sparked.

In addition to reading my writings I read other Welsh authors. No group is too large or too small.  I enjoy interactive formats.




Maybe you have Welsh heritage or plan visiting Wales sometime? Or maybe you’re interested in ancient history and Celtic mythology? Or maybe you’re just fascinated by medieval castles and like beautiful scenery!

My classes examine Wales systematically (history, customs, culture, literature, language etc) and regionally (where to go, what to see etc.).

I welcome interactive time and hearing class members describe their particular interest in Wales. I have lots of pictures and other exhibits to share.



  Please email me so we can discuss your requirements.  










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